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First, Why 3iffromwithin? How did I come up with that name?

I chose this name in a play off of Paul Revere, the Minutemen and the signals they used to warn other patriots and militia as to how the invaders of their day, the British military, were coming to take away their freedom by force and subject the colonies to the tyranny of the crown they were so desperately and rightfully trying to free themselves from. 1 if by land, 2 if by sea, of course is the now famous signal the milita and patriots were waiting to know. If the Minutemen could see into the future they would have also had a 3rd lantern signal for the attack from within! Unfortunately, we as Americans in today's world are under attack from within, which has been occuring for a long time, thus, 3 if from within!

America HAS been taken over! This is NO LONGER the land of the free and the home of the brave! Our government at the highest levels has been infiltrated and is controlled by the globalists bankers that have taken over much of the world already! We live in a "soft" police state and it will soon be a full blown tyranny and a hard core police state if we continue to sit back and act like all this is normal, is not going on or do NOTHING!!!

DHS and the TSA are for the Amercian citizens, not al-Qaeda, which it is openly admitted works for the US & the UN attacking first Libya, now Syria! Our tax dollars supports al-Qaeda because those in Washington serve the UN, not "we the people", and have trained, funded and armed al-Qaeda. This is openly discussed and written about all over the place. Yes, the same al-Qaeda that the DHS & TSA are supposed to be protecting us from, the same al-Qaeda that is blamed for 9/11 and prompted the criminal politicians to take away many of our freedoms and rights! Now DHS, TSA and many other government agencies are buying 10 times the amount of ammunition that they normally buy and experts say they now have enough on hand and ordered to dry the market up so we can not buy ammo to defend ourselves AND enought to supply a 35 year war similar ti the Irag war (this is to be used against the American citizens), TSA is on the streets in many places, roadways, and soon will be in every neighborhood, groping our families and treating us as prisoners!

BOTH parties are behind this! It is all about the New World Order (NWO), and power. One POTUS can not do all this in this short of time! We have been slowly indoctrinated into this and both parties are complicit and corrupt with many now guilty of treason. STOP playing PARTY politics and WAKE UP to the traitors!!!


Until we admit this, nothing will change!!!

Time To Take Out The Trash!!!


My plan is to have this be an informational interactive site with polls, video's (both viewable and downloadable), message boards links and much more. I believe as Americans, we need INFORMATION and FACTS. Our Main Stream Media (MSM), or presstitutes as Gerald Celente refers to them as, is not doing their job and "we the people" must have the facts about what our government is up to. The more information, truth and facts I find, the clearer it is becoming that there is a whole world out there that has been hidden from us by our government, corporations and MSM (Main Stream Media). The movie "The Matrix" quickly comes to mind and once you have taken the RED pill, there is no going back! Which pill will you take?

WARNING! Following this site is like taking the "red pill"!

I support keeping RESTORING America to a FREE CONSTITUTIONAL country!!!!!

STOP the NWO!!!!!

My hope is to provide as much information as I can to help make people aware of the truth in today's world. Videos, documents, links and other information will be from other sites such as Prison Planet.tv, Infowars, YouTube, Federal Jack, Restore The Republic, Congress.org, Natural News, Mark Dice, We Are Change, Before It's News, Dr. Tenpenny, Deleberate Dumming Down of America, Lew Rockwell, Drudge Report and from many more sites that I think are for keeping America free and spreading the truth. Also I will provide as many links to sites that give truthful information on foods that are safe, medicines, finacial information, 9/11, etc. While much of what I will be posting I do agree with either in it's entirety or some major points only, the purpose is to provide as much information for people to check out on their own and come to their own conclusions. At this point in time I have not watched in their entirety all of the films, but have skimmed most of them. My hope is this can be a site that people can come to and not only receive information, but share it and discuss the theories, facts and truths in a peaceful fashion so that we can all understand, learn and redistribute these truths, facts and yes, even theories freely to others.

Note about Alex Jones (AJ). For those of you new to who Alex Jones is or have heard bits and pieces of his show, yes, he can be over the top, he can be difficult to listen to at times due to his passion and attitude towards some callers, his rants and yes, his ego about telling everyone how he broke the story first. That being said, I believe after years of listening to his show off and on, watching his documentaries, researching information from his sites, guests and shows independently, checking information with actual documents, videos and or other credible alternative media, I have found that the vast majority of the time his information is accurate!!! I know many people think he is a Zionist shill and others a CIA plant. I am paying close attention to certain aspects of this argument to form my own opinion on this. Until there is more substanstial proof of his being a shill or plant (if that ever materializes), I support Alex Jones and will provide information from his sites as well as others. UPDATE: As I have been researching other areas from other resources I have come to the conclusion, at this point in time, that some of the information Alex Jones (AJ) provides concerning who actually is the top dogs so to speak of this NWO and who actually is calling the shots here & worldwide may not go far enough up the heirarchy. He does mention things like Club of Rome, Chatham House and the Committee of 300, but it is my personal belief that those in the Club of 300 may very well be the top layer of all things NWO. This does not necessarily mean AJ is hiding this. He may be sincere in his belief that they are run by the Rothschilds & the like, or he may be purposely leading listeners away from them. This is something we may never know the answer to. Also I am still seeking more information on the Zionist angle of all of this. I know they have a lot of control and influence as well, more than AJ seems to credit them.

Here is the bottom line for me. We must ALWAYS be deligent in our research and attempt to independently verify ALL sources of information! Don't believe me, AJ, or anyone! Research and verify for yourself! There is so much to all of this and so many players that have resources, power, years of experience at remaining in the shadows and a lot of people making sure they do! I can and will make honest mistakes as do any and all that are attempting to find and reveal the truth to all of this. Our limitations on resources and time benefit those in power and hinder us. Together we can defeat them, but by finding fault with every alternative media person or organization and discarding ALL they do only hurts our chances, this I am sure of! I will continue to use what information I believe is credible from any and ALL resources available, incuding AJ, and I promise I will try to be as dillegent as I can in making sure it is accurate. Many of my blog's subscribers follow much of AJ's works and I feel much of it is valuable information, especially for many that are just waking up to all that is going on. Also as much as we need to discover the top layer of this NWO and those responsible for the wars, tyranny, death and destruction, at this point in the battle, it is just as important to recognize those minions and lower level globalists that carry out the orders, such as Obama, Clinton, Kerry, members of Congress, as well as those at the state and local levels and those around the world! Exposure of those people and their plans will slow down and eventually, hopefully stop this madness and these attacks on humanity! Perhaps one of these people, when caught and prsecuted will give up the upper power structure? If you would like more information on the Committee of 300 and the other groups mentioned you can find it on my blog. Here is the link to the article with the lecture from Dr. John Coleman and links to download 2 free PDF versions of his books on the subject. Very comepelling information! http://blog.3iffromwithin.info/blog/2013/08/29/who-really-does-control-the-us-government/

Be sure to check out and follow my blog: http://blog.3iffromwithin.info

3iffromwithin Blog is where the bulk of the videos, links, information and discussions will be posted. Videos take up a lot of server space and bandwidth. I have all the videos found at PrisonPlanet.tv and others from around the internet in digital format, unfortunately it takes hours just to upload one and this is a free website with limited financial resources. If there are any inparticular you would like or think would REALLY help wake people up, tell me and I can post those for viewing and downloading. Please subscribe to my blog and I encourage comments and news with links that I have missed. I am even open to the idea of a few guest bloggers.


V is for Victory! Join the resistance. For more information goto: infowars.com

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V is for Victory! Join the resistance!

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Thank you and be sure to bookmark this site, pass it on to your friends, family and coworkers. Due to server limitations I can not post all the videos I would like. I can temporaily place them on a FTP server for you to download! Many of these are full length videos from Prison Planet.tv and some other sources. Check out the movies at Prisonplanet.tv and their movie list. I have all of them and if you email me I can get you that movie FREE! I will at some point have the full list posted here or at 3iffromwithin Blog and a list books and documents that I have gathered from all my research available for download via ftp and a complete list (updated regularly) of other sites that stand for FREEDOM, where you can get more information, facts and truth!!!

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visit 3iffromwithin Blog at: blog.3iffromwithin.info
contact me via email: jeff@3iffromwithin.info

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